Fuel Oil

We understand what you require from a bunker terminal: multiple jetties, including a fully dedicated barge jetty that is available 24/7, no waiting time, and a high, constant pumping speed. Utopian, you say? Not with us! You have access to jetties that are open day and night, seven days a week. No more waste of capital: you choose the best moment to load or unload. This makes us unique in the Botlek!

Constant pumping speed

Thanks to our modern vapour processing system, we can fill your bunker barge without interruptions. The maximum flow rate for seagoing vessels is 1500 m3 per hour. Our 6 fuel oil tanks (12,700 m3 each) are connected to each other, making it possible to bring your fuel oil up to standard. This is secured through the necessary customs permits.

In addition to storage and handling of fuel oil, we also offer:

    • (Third party) Transshipment with our jetties


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