'Expertise means safety'

What does safety mean? That an organisation has the appropriate certificates and meets the environmental standards? Of course! But safety means nothing without expertise and well-trained staff. People that are driven by passion in their work automatically take responsibility for their own safety and that of their environment. In addition to state of the art equipment and detailed safety and operating procedures, we continually invest in training and retraining our people. To stay ahead, the safety culture must be felt and fed from within.

Sharing knowledge

To increase safety, we work together closely with stakeholders and colleagues from the tank storage industry. Our main goal: to make the industry safer by sharing knowledge and experiences. This is why we are actively involved with the national industry association. The organisation conducts annual safety audits that scrutinise our equipment, procedures, and safety culture. Naturally, this is done by independent auditors. This is just one example of the many audits that we subject ourselves to.

Zero-emission site

Thanks to our modern vapour processing system - standard on all tanks - we can call ourselves a zero emission site. And we are proud of that! The energy released during the evaporation is used optimally for heating the tanks and our office spaces. At Rubis, we are constantly looking for innovative solutions that enhance our sustainability.

Roald Hutten, QHSE Manager
+31 10 295 8173