Infrastructure fund

Infrastructure fund

Rubis published the following Press Release on April 30th 2020: “Rubis, a Paris-based company specializing in the distribution of petroleum products and bulk liquid storage and I Squared Capital, a leading global infrastructure investor, finalised their partnership in Rubis Terminal that was announced last January. According to this agreement, Rubis and I Squared Capital will jointly control Rubis Terminal, holding respectively 55% and 45% of the company's shares.

With a portfolio of 13 facilities and a capacity of 3.6 million cubic meters across four countries (France, Belgium, The Netherlands and Turkey), Rubis Terminal provides critical bulk liquid storage infrastructure to a diversified base of industrial customers and across a broad range of petroleum, chemical and agri-food products.

The joint venture will accelerate Rubis Terminal's strategic plan to strengthen its position within its current footprint, diversify its product offerings and explore potential expansion outside Europe.

The transaction has been secured through a €410 million refinancing facility provided by a bank consortium formed by J.P. Morgan, Crédit Agricole CIB and Société Générale. It also includes a Revolving credit facility of €75 million to secure Rubis Terminal's future organic development.

Société Générale has acted as Rubis' advisor to set up the partnership with I Squared Capital.